random friday stuff: vol 7

Hello, my friends! Is everyone putting on their favorite music and having a mini dance party? No? Just me? Give it a try. I guarantee you’ll smile: if not out of happiness then at your pure silliness.

Here are some random things I’m stewing on this week:

  • I cannot stop listening to all things Foy Vance. If you like folk/blues/rock you’d love him. Go ahead and check him out!
  • My birthday is next week and I’m already thinking about some kind of treat I will allow myself. If you can’t break the elimination diet for cake on your birthday THEN WHAT CAN YOU BREAK IT FOR?! It will probably make me feel miserable, but I will suffer for the cause.
  • I haven’t run much at all this week due to falling in a hole while on a run Monday morning. I was oh so graceful. I rolled my ankle and then hit the ground. It’s been bruised most of the week but it’s going down now. All that to say, I’ve missed it! I’m looking forward to getting back out there and setting some goals for October. I’d like to be able to go more than 3 miles without sounding like a dying cow. ūüôā
  • All my reading friends don’t throw things at me, but I’m FINALLY getting around to reading “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah. I know, I know, I’m very late to the party.
  • Jeans that are too big are just as awful as jeans that are too tight. Right now I’m in the middle of every size of jean I own. I’ve also learned that high-waisted skinny jeans are likely what it felt like to be wearing a full-body corset.
  • I’m still thinking about the Downton Abbey movie. I want to go see it again. Yes, it’s pure fluff. But unlike so many movies and tv shows you see these days, you leave it light-hearted and smiling. I’ll take some more of that please.

Ok, that’s enough for today. I hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

TODAY I LOVE: the tiny pink pineapple lamp I have in my kitchen
SONG OF THE DAY: “Unlike Any Other” by Foy Vance

week 1: here I am

Has everyone watched the movie “Dumplin” on Netflix yet? If not, you totally should. You’ll walk away smiley AND have new appreciation for Dolly Parton. I read the book last year and loved it and couldn’t wait for the movie. I watched it with my mom and grandma over Christmas and it was nice. (The title of my post, “Here I Am” is a song from the movie.) Also…2019 HERE I AM!

So far this year started with the flu. That wasn’t really the way I was hoping to ring in a brand new year, but it is what it is. Sadly. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling loads better now. I’m also happy to report that of the goals I set for myself for the new year, most of them I’ve been able to keep up so far. Yeah, yeah, one week in but consistency has to start somewhere. I haven’t been able to work on the diet/exercise front yet. The nasty flu mentioned previously and the boyfriend being in town has pushed that back a bit. I’m all set to go on Monday, full steam.

In the meantime, I thought I’d tell you some things that are working for me and some things I’m loving right now.

  • Agenda – I kind of love this app a lot. I want to be a paper journal/planner person. I give it a try every year because paper planners are so pretty. Sadly it doesn’t take me very long to give it up because I’m just too digital. This app helps me bring my paper loving things into a digital world. I set up a bullet journal within Agenda. Works fantastic. Using this app, combined with Things 3 and Evernote…(which I’m sure could all be combined to one app to do all things but I have a system so let me be)…makes me a productive powerhouse.
  • Theraflu – My dad reminded me of this medicine this week as I’ve been sick. It helped so much! Keep it in mind if any of you peeps start feeling under the
  • An American Marriage by Tayari Jones: Read this while on vacation these last two weeks. Great read. It will draw you in.
  • Camilla Cleansing Oil – It’s no secret I’m OBSESSED with skincare. I think if I could do life over again I’d train to be an esthetician. I do a lot of reading and researching on products and methods and it has dramatically changed my skin over the last year. One of the tips I learned, that I will now never not do, is the double cleanse. BEST. THING. EVER. This cleansing oil is so luxurious for your oil cleanse that it feels like you’re having a fancy facial massage. Treat yo self.

Have a great weekend everyone!

TODAY I LOVE: The sun is shining bright out my window!
SONG OF THE DAY: “Here I Am” by Dolly Parton and Sia

random friday stuff: vol 4

Hiyo! Things have been way to depressing lately. ¬†All around. ¬†Let’s talk about all the things that are making me happy these days.

  1. Downton Abbey.  When it was on originally I never got past the finale of Season 3.  No spoilers but it was DEVASTATING to me.  So I stopped.  I decided to pick it up again and get past that fateful episode.  I want to start calling it luncheon instead of lunch.  And I really want to wear their gowns.
  2. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For my birthday last year my super awesome fella got me a Nintendo Switch and this game! ¬†First off, having never really owned a major gaming system, this thing is amazing. ¬†I love it. ¬†That should also tell you I’M TERRIBLE. ¬†But you guys it is so fun. ¬†This game is gorgeous. ¬†You can wander around as you please and explore. ¬†And if you are me, you die quite a lot. ¬†I’m glad I’ve been able to get into the game and even though I’m terrible I’m slowly learning.
  3. Nayyirah Waheed. ¬†Her poetry is LIFE. ¬†I’m a bit obsessed with her lately and have wanted her book Salt but it is super hard to find.
  4. New music from Leon Bridges and Ray LaMontagne. ¬†Oh, and I still can’t stop playing new music from Brandi Carlile and The Secret Sisters (both of whom are playing TOGETHER in Kansas City in June and I want to go so bad it hurts.)
  5. Sea Otters.  While I was in California with my guy a few weeks ago we went to Monterey, CA for a day.  We had dinner at an awesome restaurant right on the bay.  There was a sea otter swimming and hunting right there in the water next to us!!  It was one of the most magical settings and lovely moments.  I still think of it often.
  6. Skin Care. ¬†To say that I’ve become obsessed with skin care and anti-aging would be the understatement of the year. ¬†I’m not sure when I turned the corner of not caring to completely obsessed, but I’m here. ¬†I’ve been using Drunk Elephant products exclusively for the last year now and they are FANTASTIC. ¬†However now I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of K-Beauty and I’m going to add (what feels like) 20 more steps to my process. ¬†As I find things I love I’ll keep you posted. ¬†The constant quest to not look my age is a real thing.
  7. Lastly…for a funny. ¬†My grandma celebrated her 80th birthday a few weeks ago. ¬†We had a little dinner party for her. ¬†This was me trying to drive all the balloons I purchased home (an hour and a half drive.) ¬†I really overshot what would fit in my car. ¬†IMG_2117

TODAY I LOVE: peanut butter (I really need to not buy it. ¬†It’s too good.)

random friday silly things

We don’t need a heavy topic post today. ¬†How about some things that have made me giggle over the last few days?

  • There are two pieces of clothing I’m wearing today that are cinched together with safety pins. ¬†Losing weight has pros and cons. ¬†So yes, my jacket is necessary to hide the pins. ¬†(Before I found the safety pin my skirt was cinched tighter with a large binder clip. ¬†lol)
  • This photo (borrowed¬†from TinyAtlasQuarterly on instagram.) ¬†The photo bomb makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME:FullSizeRender 14
  • The Netflix show Grace and Frankie. ¬†Ok, so some of it is pretty silly, but boy does it make me giggle.
  • This meme, which then makes me sing and dance to Milkshake. ¬†(Borrowed from Hallow and Plank on instagram):¬†FullSizeRender 15
  • This has been shared a million times, but it still makes me laugh. ¬†Yes, I still watch it every time. ¬† Everyday Makeup Tutorial.


TODAY I LOVE: that my headache is finally started to recede!

back that sass up

Those of you that know me in real life know I have the weird fascination with Beyonce. ¬†Whenever I wake up feeling super sassy; that’s Beyonce-mode. ¬†I get out the heels, slap on the red lipstick, fluff up the hair, and LET IT GO.

Today is one of those days and I’m not really sure why. ¬†As I was driving home from the gym this morning I started thinking about all the meetings I had today, about personal situations, and my general feeling of awesomeness after a great lifting session. ¬†And it was like all of the sudden – BOOM. ¬†I had instant Sarah Sass. ¬†There are very few things that can stop me when I’m in this mood.

I’ve been assertive. ¬†I’ve been walking with extra bounce and confidence in my step. ¬†And, of course, singing at the top of my lungs in my car. ¬†(And maybe in my office too but at a slightly less volume.)

I might have to dance when I get home. ¬†Who knows. ¬†Be Beyonce today. ¬†It’s pretty fun. ¬†Nothing scares people like a confident woman. ¬†ūüôā

TODAY I LOVE:  people who look you in the eye when speaking to you