random friday stuff: vol 7

Hello, my friends! Is everyone putting on their favorite music and having a mini dance party? No? Just me? Give it a try. I guarantee you’ll smile: if not out of happiness then at your pure silliness.

Here are some random things I’m stewing on this week:

  • I cannot stop listening to all things Foy Vance. If you like folk/blues/rock you’d love him. Go ahead and check him out!
  • My birthday is next week and I’m already thinking about some kind of treat I will allow myself. If you can’t break the elimination diet for cake on your birthday THEN WHAT CAN YOU BREAK IT FOR?! It will probably make me feel miserable, but I will suffer for the cause.
  • I haven’t run much at all this week due to falling in a hole while on a run Monday morning. I was oh so graceful. I rolled my ankle and then hit the ground. It’s been bruised most of the week but it’s going down now. All that to say, I’ve missed it! I’m looking forward to getting back out there and setting some goals for October. I’d like to be able to go more than 3 miles without sounding like a dying cow. ūüôā
  • All my reading friends don’t throw things at me, but I’m FINALLY getting around to reading “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah. I know, I know, I’m very late to the party.
  • Jeans that are too big are just as awful as jeans that are too tight. Right now I’m in the middle of every size of jean I own. I’ve also learned that high-waisted skinny jeans are likely what it felt like to be wearing a full-body corset.
  • I’m still thinking about the Downton Abbey movie. I want to go see it again. Yes, it’s pure fluff. But unlike so many movies and tv shows you see these days, you leave it light-hearted and smiling. I’ll take some more of that please.

Ok, that’s enough for today. I hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

TODAY I LOVE: the tiny pink pineapple lamp I have in my kitchen
SONG OF THE DAY: “Unlike Any Other” by Foy Vance

random friday stuff: vol 2

After a rather heavy week it’s time to lighten up a bit. ¬†Here are some random (and sometimes funny) oddities for the week:

  • I’ve been laughing at this panda rolling down a hill for the last 3 days. ¬†I just watch it on loop. ¬†And giggle like a toddler.
  • I took this selfie when playing with Snapchat filters the other day. ¬†Even though this really is a filter, I feel like it’s what my eyebrows look like all the time. ¬†IMG_2156 2
  • I’ve sang “Hurts so Good” by John Cougar Mellencamp about 100 times this week. ¬†At the top of my lungs. ¬†And kinda danced a lot. ¬†You should do it too. ¬†Instantly makes the day better. ¬†ūüôā
  • I ordered the wrong size of shoes online a few months ago in a close out sale. ¬†They are almost a full size too big. ¬†But I’m wearing them today just because. ¬†My feet are flopping around like Fievel Goes West. ¬†Or a clown. ¬†Probably more the clown side of things.
  • Confession: when I need some exercise calories or just really want to get in an instant good mood, I’ll get up and dance with The Fitness Marshall. ¬†He just makes me laugh and laugh. ¬†I’ve been addicted to these two songs this week: Yeah and Swalla. ¬†My cat doesn’t judge my horrible dance moves.

Alright, well, I’ve probably embarrassed myself enough today. ¬†Have a happy Friday everyone!

TODAY I LOVE: those special phone wipe things that clean the gunk off your phone screen.  Because eww.

random friday silly things

We don’t need a heavy topic post today. ¬†How about some things that have made me giggle over the last few days?

  • There are two pieces of clothing I’m wearing today that are cinched together with safety pins. ¬†Losing weight has pros and cons. ¬†So yes, my jacket is necessary to hide the pins. ¬†(Before I found the safety pin my skirt was cinched tighter with a large binder clip. ¬†lol)
  • This photo (borrowed¬†from TinyAtlasQuarterly on instagram.) ¬†The photo bomb makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME:FullSizeRender 14
  • The Netflix show Grace and Frankie. ¬†Ok, so some of it is pretty silly, but boy does it make me giggle.
  • This meme, which then makes me sing and dance to Milkshake. ¬†(Borrowed from Hallow and Plank on instagram):¬†FullSizeRender 15
  • This has been shared a million times, but it still makes me laugh. ¬†Yes, I still watch it every time. ¬† Everyday Makeup Tutorial.


TODAY I LOVE: that my headache is finally started to recede!